Moro - Songs For Grandma - cover

Moro – Songs For Grandma – cover

Words and music written by Pierre-Julien Moro
Played by Pierre-Julien Moro and Loïc Pastor
Arranged, mixed and mastered by Loïc Pastor

Capo on 5th fret

Am                       Am/G
Don’t forget to tell to
Am/F#                              F
The few people who count
Am                            Am/G
How much you’re loving them
Am/F#                    F
Don’t forget to tenderly
Am                            Am/G
Wrap them into your arms
Am/F#                         F
Just be there when they’ll need
Am                           Am/G
Cause one day, at best thirty years
Am/F#                   F
You’ll just be in a box
Am                                  Am/G
Eating grass from the ground
Am/F#                          F
And you’ll regret the times
Am                              Am/G
That you’ve wasted running
Am/F#                   F                 E
For money and glory